High Profile Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases provide those injured with access to the justice system in a non-criminal manner. The goal of such a lawsuit is to compensate a victim for their injuries or provide some other remedy. Remedies can be a variety of things from reimbursement of medical expenses to compensation for loss of future earnings. The severity and length of the injury will typically determine the type of remedy. Personal injury cases typically hinge on proving cause, meaning that the defendant caused the injury sustained. While the idea of a personal injury case may seem foreign, there have been several high profile personal injury cases in recent history.

The OJ Simpson Civil Trial- though he was found not guilty of criminal charges, he lost the civil case that only required proof via a preponderance of the evidence. The jury determined that there was enough evidence to hold Simpson liable.

Conrad Murray the doctor who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson was also at the center of a personal injury case when Michael Jackson’s family sued AEG, the concert promoter that had hired Dr. Murray.

Another well known personal injury case was the subject of a book that was later turned into a movie starring John Travolta. A Civil Action revolved around a case in Woburn, MA where the drinking water had been contaminated resulting in several cases of leukemia.

You may have also heard of the injuries that have plagued the Broadway production of Spider-Man. One of theperformers has sued producers for reimbursement of medical expenses for the injuries he sustained during a stunt on the show.

A current example of a personal injury case is the lawsuit that comedian Tracy Morgan filed against Wal-Mart for injuries he sustained when one of Wal-Mart’s trucks crashed into his limo.

As you can see personal injury law can cover any number of injuries, situations, and remedies.

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