Top Five Most Common Personal Injuries

Personal injury is a broad term that is used to describe an injury that results from another person’s negligence. There are thousands of personal injury claims filed each year. However, some are far more common than others. Below are some of the most common personal injury claims:

Road Traffic Accident

Car accidents are on the rise in the United States. One of the reasons that car accidents are on the rise is because many drivers are distracted while they are driving. Texting or talking on the phone while driving, putting on makeup and eating are just a few of the many ways that drivers can get distracted while they are driving. Drunk driving, speeding and reckless driving are some of the other things that can contribute to road traffic accidents.

Even though many people are fortunate to walk away from a car accident with no injuries, others are left with serious injuries. Additionally, some people are unable to work for a long time after they get into an accident. That is why many people file a personal injury claim after a road traffic accident.

Work-Related Injuries

Every day, hundreds of employees in the United States are injured while they are on the job. Employers are responsible for keeping workplace hazards to a minimum. If a person is injured on the job due to employer negligence, then he or she may be able to file a personal injury claim.


It is estimated that there were two million simple assault cases in 2010. Many people choose to file a personal injury lawsuit in addition to criminal charges. Personal injury lawsuits may also include a claim for emotional distress.

Slip and Fall Accidents

It is estimated that 20,000 people in America died due to a slip and fall injury. Slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, including the supermarket, workplace or at home. Older people are at a greater risk for suffering a slip and fall accident. In order for a person to prove a slip and fall claim, one must prove that the employee or owner must have known about the dangerous conditions. One must also be able to prove that the owner or employee knew about the danger but did not do anything to fix it.

Product Liability

Manufacturers are required to test their product in order to make sure that it is safe before it hits the market. If a person suffers an injury due to a product defect, then the company could be held liable.

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