Notable Cases

Allstate v Miller, 212 P. 3d 318

(Established that a party can sue their insurer when a carrier unreasonably fails to settle within the policy limits.)

Coe v Centeno-Alvares, 281 P.3d 1162

(Established the requirements for granting a new trial and upheld plaintiff’s motion for a new trial.)

Waldman v Maini, 124 Nev.Adv.Op. No. 93

(Clarified Nevada’s simultaneous death act after an aviation crash.)

Arata v Faubion, 161 P.3d 244

(Established the constitutionality of the family purpose doctrine, which makes the owner responsible for the negligence of a family member using the car.)

Nevada Yellow Cab Corporation v Eighth Judicial District Court, 152 P.3d 737

(Established the tripartite relationship between the insurer, the insured, and retained defense counsel.)

Lindblom v Prime Hospitality Corp, 90 P.3d 1283

(Clarified when a default judgment in personal injury action is appropriate.)

Lytle v Carl, 382 F.3d 978 (9th Cir.)

(Established the right to sue various government employees in a 1983 action.)

Burch v 2nd Judicial District Court, 118 Nev. 438, 49 P.3d 647

(Clarified when it is appropriate to grant a writ of mandate reversing a lower court order compelling an arbitration.)

Borgerson v Scanlon, 117 Nev. 216, 19 P.3d 236

(Clarified the firefighter rule in a personal injury action.)

Pengilly v Rancho Santa Fe Homeowners, 116 Nev. 646

(Basis of appeals and contempt orders.)

NAD, INC., v Dist. Ct., 115 Nev. 71, 976 P.2d

(Established that the insurer is neither a subrogee nor a real party in interest in a third party contribution instituted by its insured where the insurer enters into a valid loan receipt agreement with its insured.)

Proctor v Castelletti, 112 Nev. 88, 911 P.2d 853

(Established Nevada’s collateral source rule.)

Nelson v Planet Ins. Co., 111 Nev. 1373, 906 P.2d 703

(Court determined that Planet Insurance was not liable nor had any duty to defend someone not on the policy.)

Lentz v IDS Financial Services, 111 Nev. 306, 890 P.3d 783

(Discussed the repercussions of not accepting offers of judgments and attorney fees.)

Matter of Estate of Kern, 107 Nev. 988, 823 P.2d 275

(Conveyance of property from estate to corporation of decedent.)

Littlefield v U.S., 927 F.2d 1099 (9th Cir.)

(Clarified the Federal Tort Claims Act, when an injury was caused by an employee of an independent contractor working for the United States at Hoover Dam.)

Bove v Prudential Ins. Co. of America, 106 Nev. 682, 799 P.2d 1108

(Clarified the requirements for an insurance carrier to utilize the anti-stacking rule for uninsured motorist coverage against an insured.)

Paullin v Sutton, 102 Nev. 421, 724 P.2d 749

(Clarified the retaliatory eviction requirements.)

Breen v Caesars Palace, 102 Nev. 79, 715 P.2d 1070

(Established the Breen formula regarding workman’s compensation liens.)

Von Ehrensmann v Lee, 98 Nev. 335, 647 P.2d 377

(Defined what specific performance is expected in an oral agreement for purchase of a residential property.)

Matter of Internal Teldata Corp. 12 B.R. 879 (D.Nev.)


Cooper v Pacific Auto Ins. Co., 95 Nev. 798, 603 P.2 281

(Involved a conversion claim regarding the sale of a stolen vehicle.)

United Services Auto. Ass’n v Crandall, 95 Nev. 334, 594 P.2d 704

(Explored whether the named insured was covered by an insurance policy in which the named insured’s daughter was a non-permissive user of a non-owned vehicle.)

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