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My wife and I wanted to offer our sincere thanks for your thoughtful, caring handling of our personal injury case. You and your staff always returned our phone calls, always answered our questions and went the distance to ensure that we were kept in the loop about legal procedures as well as the progress of our case. - Recent client

Thank you for believing in our case and for the numerous hours of work. Thanks for fighting a good fight on our behalf, it’s a great feeling. My experience has been nothing but wonderful. - Recent client

Golightly – Great lawyer…Great office. They got me more than I ever imagined. Update every 3-4 weeks from their office…Very happy !!!  - Recent client

Mr Golightly and his staff Have done a great job with my case And now that it’s over I would like to say thank you to you and all of your staff for doing such a great job. I will definitely recommend this law firm to family and friends. Once again THANK YOU

Great and Very Good Attorney Very Knowledgeable in his profession.  - Recent client

Golightly & Vannah just completed our case with amazing results. We received more than we ever imagined we would. The office in Las Vegas was a pleasure to work with, I would recommend them to any and everyone awesome experience!!!!!!  - Recent client

Thanks so much for really believing in my case. I was so happy with the outcome and the time and effort you and your team put into it. We are so glad that we were referred to you and that you understood our case.  - Recent client

I just returned from out of the country and I wanted to drop a quick thank you for your diligent work on our case. I’m totally satisfied and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer your firm to anyone in a similar situation. Thanks again.  - Recent client

Success Stories

$150 Million Settlement

In a suit against Company, Inc., which was selling dangerous products, we won a record settlement for our clients, making sure that they are taken care of for life.

$1.5 Million Settlement

In a case of wrongful termination due to discrimination, we were able to get our client a settlement that helped them find a supportive work environment in which to continue their career.

$210 Million Settlement Stops Toxic Dumping

Say something In our case against Terrible Company, LLC, we were able to get a settlement for our clients as well as protect them from any further damage to their communities from this toxic dumping program. about your business here.